Integrative Bodywork


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All of the massage sessions I offer
can be tailored to your specific needs.

Together we can design a massage that is just right for you!



I accept cash, visa and mastercard and personal checks as payment for your services. Please inquire about buying a massage package and optional payment plans.



I am able to accept most forms of health insurance and motor vehicle accident insurance claims.



If you must cancel, please honor our 24 hour advance notice cancellation policy. Cancellations made with less than a 24 hour notice will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.


Gift Certificates

We offer gift certificates for all of our services in any increment


Appointment times

We do recommend that you always reserve your next appointment prior to leaving. This will guarantee the availability of your desired times.


First-time clients

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time. You will use this time to unwind and adjust to the relaxing environment of the studio as well as to review and complete a brief intake form. The intake is an important part of personalizing your session and identifying any contraindications for treatment (e.g., any injuries, precautions for high blood pressure, etc.). All personal information will be held in strict confidence and your privacy will always be respected during and after your time as a client.


Returning clients

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to unwind, discuss your goals for the session and get ready to begin the session on time.


Late arrivals

In the event that you are running late, every effort will be made to conduct your full treatment, but the session will need to end on time to accommodate the next client’s appointment.


Relax in comfort

Most massage is best received fully undressed. You will be respectfully draped at all times throughout the session and there will be a blanket available if needed for added warmth. If you prefer to leave on undergarments, please do so for your own comfort.


Communicate for best results

Each body is different and the same body is different from place to place and time to time; so communication with your therapist is important. Please indicate at any point if you require more or less pressure, if there is an area to avoid or for which you would like special attention, or if there are any other adjustments such as temperature, music, or lighting that would make you more comfortable.



Remember, you have scheduled this time to meet your personal goals for improved well-being. Breathe. Enjoy. Be present to your own healing in whatever way suits you best.

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